Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.


Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in power & distribution transformers support us to design and manufacture a wide range of transformers that are able to meet the exact voltage requirements of theatres and cinema halls. Power transformers help cinema theatres stabilise voltage fluctuations. They also help in improving the safety and efficiency of power systems by raising and lowering voltage levels as and when needed, therefore, making them highly convenient and accessible for cinemas. Power transformers offered by Jaybee Industries meet the requirement and help augment productivity in cinema halls by avoiding unnecessary fluctuations.

Transformers from Jaybee Industries deliver quantifiable and reliable performance insights needed to reduce unplanned outages. We design and manufacture customised transformers using cutting-edge technology that ensures the smooth functioning of different facilities. Having experience of more than four decades, our products ensure trouble-free performance and continuous service.

Why Us?

Our constant vision of going together with the giants to provide our customers with service above the price helps us earn their trust. All our transformer designs are capable of withstanding different tests and our material quality control checks are carried out with strict regulations with no compromise on the raw material quality.
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Professional Staff
Out of the total workforce of 500 employees at Jaybee Industries, 10 per cent are engineers and technicians who have strong capabilities in design, research & development and an inspiring zeal for hard work & success.
Quality Raw Material
The raw materials used at Jaybee Industries are procured from registered and approved quality vendors with meticulous inspection at the Vendor’s Works or on receipt at their end.
Capability & Infrastructure
Jaybee Industries is ISO, BIS & BEE certified with in-house design and research facilities that have given us the pleasure of serving countless satisfied customers all over the country and the world.
Precision & Perfection
Our services are prompt, accurate and satisfactory and our products are manufactured with high precision and perfection. All our transformers are tested in our R&D Centre with modern, computerised and regularly calibrated meters.