Oldest Transformer Concern

Established in 1981, Jaybee Industries is the Oldest Transformers Manufacturing concern in North India.

ISO, BIS & BEE Certified

Jaybee Industries is ISO, BIS & BEE Certified and we keep implementing the quality policy: 'Science & Technology in the lead'.

Largest Production Capacity In North India: Having Two Units Combined

With the help of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we are currently manufacturing 3000 MVA transformers per year.

Central Government Award by the Power Minister

In 2021, JayBee Industries received the NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION AWARD for the "MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCE OF THE YEAR 2021" from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, presented by Power Minister Mr. R.K. Singh.
Manufacturing A Wide Range Of High-Quality Transformers

Providing A Full Range Of Top-Rated Transformer Solutions To Cater for The Needs of Different Industries

Jaybee Industries is a transformer manufacturing concern providing a full range of products and services in the sphere of Electrical Engineering worldwide.

Since our establishment in 1981, Jaybee Industries has made a quality impact in the electrical industry. With the help of our expert design team, all the transformers designed by us meet the specific requirement of our customers, whether it be Rating, Voltage Ratio, Tappings, Impedance, Losses, Fittings or Windings Material. All our transformer designs are capable of withstanding tests such as Short Circuit Tests, Lightning Impulse Voltage tests, Air pressure tests & Temperature rise tests.


We help facilities manage power anomalies, along with ensuring safe operation.

Machine Availability

We help facilities guard sensitive equipment against power surges and noise by filtering noise, harmonics and dangerous frequency variations.


We are an ideal solution for most industries as we offer increased flexibility and control over power.
We Serve Multiple Industries

Providing High-Performance Transformers & Services for Multiple Industries

Jaybee Industries has been built on engineering excellence crafted through continuous dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective for serving the global market & mastering industry expertise.

Building The Most Resilient Power Transformers!

Robust Design & Flawless Execution

The design process of our transformers is carried out through computer-aided methods on Jaybee Industries in-house developed Computer software. While designing the transformers, the below activities are carried out:

Windings are planned with optimum flux density, no-load loss, load loss, impedance and other technical parameters.
The accessories and fittings are designed as per the requirement of specification/customer’s requirement.
The core frame is designed with the requirement of optimum flux density and no-load loss.
The body and radiators are designed with the requirement of permissible maximum temperature rise & internal clearances.
Explore Our Range of Products!

Transformers That We Manufacture

Why Choose Our Services?

Providing Greater Reliability through Our Services

Jaybee Industries is a successful manufacturer of BIS-approved transformers that are the ideal solution for most industrial requirements.

Before-Sales Services
Jaybee Industries before-sales service includes providing customers with product-related data, technical consultation, customising products and services, proceeding with multiform technical exchange and jointly working out design concepts.
In-Sale Services
Jaybee Industries in-sales service includes working on the requirements mentioned in the contract in full accordance. We keep in touch with the customers all the time while implementing the terms, conditions and demands mentioned by our client.
After-Sales Services
Jaybee Industries after-sales service objective is prompt, accurate and satisfactory and we handle problems promptly after receiving service information from customers. During the consultation, installation, debugging and operation, we coordinate effectively to put the product into operation successfully.

Setting High Standards

We are very proud to announce that our products are commissioned at one of the most prestigious sites in India i.e. Indian War Memorial India Gate which has been inaugurated by none other than our Honourable Prime Minister.

Our Transformers are running on major & crucial sites developed by Military Engineering services throughout India. Our company received an award directly from the Union power Minister for making the most energy-efficient Transformer for the year 2021.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in our factory.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    As a part of our CSR Gesture, Jaybee Industries is actively involved with several Social Organizations.


    What distinguishes Jaybee Industries in the field of electrical industry?

    Jaybee Industries is renowned for being a leading transformer manufacturing company that provides a comprehensive range of products and services in the field of electrical engineering worldwide.

    How does Jaybee Industries ensure the quality of its transformer designs?

    The transformer designs at Jaybee Industries are meticulously crafted by our expert team, ensuring they meet specific customer requirements such as Rating, Voltage Ratio, Tappings, Impedance, Losses, Fittings or Windings Material. All our designs undergo rigorous tests demonstrating our commitment as reputable power transformer manufacturers.

    How has Jaybee Industries contributed to the electrical industry since its establishment?

    Since 1981, Jaybee Industries has made a significant impact on the electrical industry by consistently delivering high-quality transformer solutions. As one of the prominent transformer manufacturers in India, our commitment to excellence has established us as a trusted name in the global electrical engineering sphere.

    How does Jaybee Industries ensure the customisation of transformers to meet specific customer requirements?

    As a dedicated transformer company, Jaybee Industries offers bespoke customisation solutions, ensuring our transformers align precisely with the demands of our clients. We collaborate extensively with our clients, leveraging the expertise of our design team to develop tailored design concepts that meet specific needs, whether it’s related to Rating, Voltage Ratio, Tappings, Impedance, Losses, Fittings or Windings Material.

    What comprehensive services does Jaybee Industries offer throughout the entire lifecycle of transformer procurement?

    From pre-sales engagement, involving product-related data, technical consultations and customised solutions to in-sales commitment, involving full compliance with contract requirements and maintaining constant communication.
    Furthermore, we solidify our commitment as a top transformer company in India with prompt, accurate and satisfactory after-sales services, swiftly handling issues post-purchase and coordinating effectively during consultation, installation, debugging and operation.