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Our Booster transformers are used towards the end of a power line to raise the voltage to the desired value. It is used for controlling the voltage of a feeder at a point far away from the main transformer. The secondary of the booster transformer is connected in series with the line, and its primary is supplied from the secondary of the regulating transformer.
By changing taps on the regulating transformer, the magnitude of the voltage at the end of the line can be changed and thus feeder voltage can be regulated. The rating of regulating transformer is only a fraction of that of the main transformer. It is given by the expression.
The advantage of the above system is that the regulating equipment is independent of the main transformer so that a failure in the former will not throw the latter out of service. A booster transformer is used in railways for eliminating the flow of stray current. The stray current disturbs the communication system and also damages the electronic devices of the trains passing through them.

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Jaybee Industries caters to diverse requirements with a versatile product lineup, ranging from Auto Transformers to Compact Substations. As a booster transformers company known for innovation, our products cover a wide spectrum of applications in power distribution and transmission systems.

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Jaybee Industries emphasises safety and reliability across its transformer product range, including the best booster transformer in India. As a neutral grounding transformer manufacturer, we prioritise galvanic isolation and high voltage withstand capabilities for enhanced safety.

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Jaybee Industries, with its reputation as a trusted booster transformer manufacturer and supplier in India, offers a range of products such as Servos and rectifiers, Booster Transformers and more. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for all your transformer needs.