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No electricity utility in India can ensure the constant voltage to the customers. Voltage is typically low during the daytime and high during night hours. Moreover, on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when the agricultural and industrial load is switched off the voltage arises sharply, which creates problems for the machinery resulting in financial loss.
90% of the industrial load consists of motors. In electric motors of smaller capacity up to 7.5 HP, during low voltage, the motor draws higher current which requires the higher setting of overload relay to avoid the frequent tripping of motors. A higher setting of overload relay has a very less safety margin against single phasing and mechanical faults. Suppose the relay setting is 15 to 20 % higher than the actual operating current, then the relay will take 46 minutes to trip. The motor cannot withstand the high current for such a long time and in most cases, it burns out before the motor trip. Servo stabilizers are meant to overcome all the above problems by maintaining a constant level of voltage irrespective of the fluctuating mains power supply system.
Our Servo Voltage Stabilizers are widely used in engineering units, pharmaceutical units, cold storage, air conditioning plants, offset printing machines, textile mills, cement plants, flour mills, oil industries, paper mills, rubber industries, tea estates, food processing units, oil and Vanaspati plants, footwear and leather units, distilleries and beverages, clubs, hotels, multistoried buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, export houses and call centres.

Your trusted servo stabilizer manufacturer and supplier of servo voltage stabilizers in India. We also excel as an electroplating rectifier manufacturer.

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Can I rely on Jaybee Industries for both Servo Voltage Stabilisers and Rectifiers?

Certainly! Jaybee Industries is not only a trusted servo stabiliser manufacturer but also a reliable supplier of Rectifiers, including Electroplating Rectifiers. Our comprehensive range caters to the diverse needs of industries like electroplating, anodising and more.

What issues do Servo Voltage Stabilisers address in the context of fluctuating mains power supply?

Servo voltage stabilisers in India, provided by Jaybee Industries, counteract voltage fluctuations, ensuring a constant voltage level despite variations in the main power supply. This stability is crucial to prevent machinery problems and financial losses due to irregular voltage.

Does Jaybee Industries provide solutions for electroplating and anodising processes?

Absolutely! Jaybee Industries is a reputable electroplating and anodising rectifier manufacturer and supplier offering high-quality products and services, ensuring precise control and stability in electroplating and anodising processes.

How do Servo Voltage Stabilisers benefit motors, especially those with lower capacities up to 7.5 HP?

Servo Voltage Stabilisers in India play a vital role in electric motors with capacities up to 7.5 HP. They prevent excessive current draw during low voltage conditions, avoiding frequent motor tripping. This ensures motor safety by maintaining an optimal setting of overload relays.

In which sectors are Jaybee Industries Servo Voltage Stabilisers widely used?

As a leading servo stabiliser manufacturer and supplier, Jaybee Industries offers Servo Voltage Stabilisers that find extensive application in engineering units, pharmaceutical units, cold storage, air conditioning plants, printing machines, textile mills, cement plants and various other industries, ensuring a stable power supply.